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Tic Tac Toe is one of the best known games in the world. This project creates a web page that gives the user the option to play against another user or against computer.

Technologies used:

This project uses JavaScript for the game engine and jQuery for DOM manipulation and event handling. It also uses browserify to bundle all JS files into one main file. The layout design is created with HTML and vanilla CSS. Ajax is used to send and retrieve from a server asynchronously


Major rules:

  • When a new game starts player 'X' is first, next round the turn changes.
  • The board is not checked for winners if the there are less than 5 moves on the board from both players
  • In single player mode computer is always player 'O'

Multiplayer mode (playing against another person)

  • When moves are more than 5 the board is checked for winners. In case of a win alert message is shown to state the winner and the score on the left pannel is updated.

Single player mode (playing against the computer)

  • If the moves on the board are less then 3 the computer chooses a random position.
  • After more than 3 moves, computer checks for win possibility for both player 'X' and player 'O' and if found places its next move there.
  • In case of no possibility of winning, computer gets all empty cells and randomly chooses where to place its next move.

Unsolved problems:

  • The project UI should be resizable and for that purpose it should be using Bootstrap
  • Labels should be more responsive to show what is the current playing mode
  • Bug in code when playing against computer, player 'X' moves are sometimes overriden by player 'O'

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