Make your keyboard lights blink; written in Go
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This package lets you make your keyboard lights blink. You can use blinking keyboard lights for all kinds of fun things, such as notifications of when someone visits your website!


If you just run "go install" on this, you'll end up with a binary that's only usable by running sudo, and that's no fun!

Instead, since this binary is quite harmless, we want anyone to be able to run it as root! So, to do that we can do this:

# Assuming you're in this directory, will put an executable named "blink"
# in current directory
go build -o blink ./cmd/blink
# Set the owning user to be root
sudo chown root blink
# Set the sticky bit on the executable owned by root, so no matter who
# launches it it's launched with root priveleges.
sudo chmod u+s blink

And now that you've got your magical "always runs as root" executable, you can place it wherever you want (such as in your $PATH).