Config files (.basshrc, .xinitrc, .bash_profile, etc) for setting up my optimum development environment
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Configuration Files

This is my unified set of configuration files that I use for my Ubuntu-based development environment (basically it's a dotfiles repo).

Further Explanation (as of September, 2013)

Original Approach

Originally, I was planning on doing most of my development in Linux environments running as guests under Windows. This allowed me to stay close to all that I know and love in Windows, while also letting me get work done in Linux. Because I was going to be running Linux under virtualbox, I opted to go for a maximally-minimalist approach towards use of resources. That meant that the "base" installation was an Ubuntu server install that I then put X Server on, followed by vanilla xmonad. This led to a very, very light installation, but it was not very featureful, for instance there was no sound or graphical ability to speak of.

Updated aproach

I've now gotten to the point where I want to be dual-booting between Windows and Linux. This means my Linux install will have available to it all the power of my hardware, with the caveat that I'd have to manage a lot more software to get it all to work. So, instead of taking a minimalist install and building it up to a fully featured setup, I've decided to take a rather chunky install (vanilla Ubuntu) and pair it down till it does what I want. I'm not concerned with use of resources, since my computer is quite powerful, so having a more full featured OS won't take up to much of it's resources. However, this means I'm having to make some major changes to these dotfiles, and how I manage the different Linux environments.

Basic structure:

The basic layout of the dotfiles repo is as follows: there are a bunch of files that are pretty much environment-agnostic. These files include .bashrc, .vimrc, and the .vim/ folder. This stuff goes in the root of the repo.

Next up are the things that are liable to cause some problems if just blindly copied into your home folder. These are things like the .xinitrc, the .Xresources, the .xmonad/xmonad.hs. These are meant to be installed as part of my original "base" setup (a server environment with a minimal gui). Because they're intended to stand on their own, they're in the baseConfig folder.

The other directories are named for their uses, for example xfceConfig holds all the files that are particular to using xfce(/xmonad).

Additionally, I'll be editing the installation script to accommodate and allow for different types of installations.


1. For use with Xmonad and xmobar
2. Assumes that Xmonad and xmobar are already installed.
3. Xmobar has to be installed via Cabal, and located in the ~/.cabal/bin directory

This is pretty much it. Simply run the "" script to install. Be aware, this will copy over all existing files without double checking.

The idea for this, as well as some parts of some configuration files, is taken from the awesome work by Lane Aasen ( I have attempted to give proper attribution for all specific borrowed configurations.

All original parts of this project are licensed under the GPLv3. All work done by others is under their own respective licenses.