Parallax view for vertical scrollview/listviews with a header image and header content
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Parallax view for vertical scrollview with a header image and header content


$ npm i react-native-parallax-view --save


parallax view demo

NOTE: I will put up an working example whenever they support React Native 0.8.0


There is a working example in the project /example folder that you can check out. Remember to run npm install inside the example folder if you'd like to run that project.

cd react-native-parallax-view
cd example
npm install

Additionally, here is an example of the usage

        <Text style={styles.header}>
            Header Content
    scrollableViewStyle={{ backgroundColor: 'red' }}
    // ... scrollview content

API (props)

Prop Required Default Type Description
backgroundSource YES null object the source prop that get's passed to the background <Image> component. If left blank, no background is rendered
header NO null renderable any content you want to render on top of the image. This content's opacity get's animated down as the scrollview scrolls up. (optional)
windowHeight NO 300 number the resting height of the header image. If 0 is passed in, the background is not rendered.
scrollableViewStyle NO null object this style will be mixed (overriding existing fields) with scrollable view style (view which is scrolled over the background)
... NO ...ScrollViewProps {...this.props} is applied on the internal ScrollView (excluding the style prop which is passed on to the outer container)