Demo webapp to test the buji-pac4j library for Shiro
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What is this project ?

This buji-pac4j-demo project is a Java web application to test the buji-pac4j library with Facebook, Twitter, form authentication, basic auth, CAS...
The buji-pac4j library is built to delegate authentication to a provider and be authenticated back in the protected application with a complete user profile retrieved from the provider.

If you want to use Guice, please see the buji-guice-demo.

Quick start & test

To start quickly, build the project and launch the web app with jetty :

cd buji-pac4j-demo
mvn clean install jetty:run

To test, you can call a protected url by clicking on the "Protected by xxx : xxx/index.jsp" url, which will start the authentication process with the xxx provider.
Or you can click on the "Authenticate with *xxx" link, to start manually the authentication process with the xxx provider.