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Flag it. Flag your commit. Share your knowledge and progress, bit by bit.
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Flag it. Flag your commit. Share your knowledge and progress, bit by bit.

An easy way to share your progress right after that commit you are proud of and want everyone to see.

flagit gets the last commit in your current branch and repository and turns into a tweet with a custom message as suffix.

  • The path to repository defaults to your current working directory '.'
  • The current branch needs to exist remotely, since flagit adds the commit url to the tweet. It defaults to the master branch if the current only exists locally.

First usage of flagit v1.0.0

flagit "Happy to use flagit to announce my first gem, flagit! There's still a lot to do, but IT WORKS"

Result can be found at


gem install flagit


Twitter API v1.1 requires you to authenticate via OAuth, so you'll need to register your application with Twitter. Once you've registered an application, make sure to set the correct access level, otherwise you may see the error:

Read-only application cannot POST

Your new application will be assigned a consumer key/secret pair which you will be prompted when using flagit for the first time. After providing flagit with those keys you will be redirected to Twitter in order to get your authentication PIN.


alt text Example made with Glorious Demo by Rafael Camargo (github twitter)

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