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Final Space API

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Final Space API

The Final Space API is a RESTful API based on the television show Final Space. All the data is taken from Final Space wiki.

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Project Structure

│   └───workflows
│   ├───config
│   ├───controllers
│   ├───helpers
│   ├───images
│   │   ├───character
│   │   ├───episode
│   │   └───location
│   ├───models
│   └───routes
    │   ├───css
    │   └───pages
    │       └───Components
    │           ├───Body
    │           └───Head


First, Clone this repo. Both the frontend and the backend need to be installed seperately.

git clone

For frontend run the following commands.

cd frontend
npm install
npm run build

It is important that frontend is installed first and a build directory is created since the backend serves this build folder.

For backend run the following commands.

cd backend
npm install

Starting the Development Server

Run the following command in the backend directory to start the development server at PORT=8000 by default.

cd backend
npm run dev

This will start the development server at http://localhost:8000. Note : If build folder doen't exist you will see an error at the baseURL i.e. /. Create the build folder to fix this issue.

Get Contributing 🤩

First things first, In order to contribute you have to create a Pull Request from your forked repo which is a remote clone of this upstream repository.

  1. Click this button at the top of screen to fork this repo, don't forget to star the repository! form-button

  2. Next, clone this repository using

    git clone
  3. It is critical to keep your forked repository in sync with the upstream repository so merge conflicts can be avoided:

    git remote add upstream
    git fetch upstream
    git pull upstream main
    git push
  4. Create a new branch to work upon The branch name must be selected according to the issue

    git checkout -b <branch-name>
  5. After the contribution work is ready, go ahead and add it to the staging area:

    git add -A
  6. Now it is time to commit your changes and sync these changes to the forked repo:

    git commit -m <your_message>
    git push origin <branch-name>

    Note : Branch Name is the branch you created earlier

  7. Issue a pull request from forked repo to this repo by clicking on New Pull Request:

  8. Fill in the title and provide a concise description.

  9. Wait for respose on the PR. Congratulations you just contributed to open source! 👏👏

Contributing to Frontend

The frontend of this project is made with Docusaurus and React. To start the dev server, run the following commands in frontend directory:

cd frontend
npm start

This will start the frontend dev server on http://localhost:3000.

After you have done with your contribution, create the production build by running the following commands:

cd frontend
npm run build
npm run serve

The last command will server the build folder on http://localhost:3000.

Make sure your contributions are reflected properly in this build.

For more details related to installation and requirements please check the README in Frontend directory.

Contributing to Backend

The backend is made with NodeJS, Express and MongoDB. Run the following commands to open the dev server.

cd backend
npm run dev

Head to http://localhost:8000, if a build folder is present in frontend directory then you will see the landing page of the project.

For more details related to installation and requirements please check the README in Backend directory.


Final Space is created by Olan Rogers for TBS and later picked by Adult Swim. The data and images are used without claim of ownership and belong to their respective owners.

This API is open source and uses a BSD license.