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A rspec pattern that I been using. It was a blog post

@cirdes cirdes Model Attributes Pattern
Adding a new Better Specs

Hi Cirdes,

first of all thanks for your pull request. I was reading what you did and In my opinion
this shouldn't be set as a guideline. It's a clever approach, but I think the user should
be free in this "factory definition" step.

I'll be waiting for comments of other people, otherwise I'll close the issue.
Thanks again.


As no one discussed about this, for the moment i close it. Thanks @cirdes for your contribution, hope to see more.


better instead of closing this issue - add it to new section like "clever ideas" or some similar naming.

i think this clever approach could help others.

maybe it can be presented along with other possible "factory definition" steps.


It is an awesome contribution... i will use this and i think that it can help other people.

Please acept this!!

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