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logging server written on pure python

Run log server:

from netlog import Server
Server('./logs', 5010).start()


  • path - directory for logs
  • port - listen tcp port
  • host='' - listen host

If you don't need blocking in .start() line:

Server('./logs', 5010).start(blocking=False)

Simple way to run as daemon:

python -c "import netlog; netlog.Server('./logs', 5010').start()" &

Usage from clients:

from netlog import Client
client = Client('', 5010, 'logname')
client.send('qwe asd')
client.close()              # or del client


  • host - host, where is log server runned
  • port - tcp port for connect
  • filename - file to write log strings


  • put to one log file from many client processes
  • save in binary format .tar.gz, use zcat and zgrep for read
  • unlimited size of log string
  • rotation by date
  • automatic delete old logs


  • realize rotator and binary logs :)
  • fetch Ctrl+C and -9 signals for flush before exit
  • udp transfer (maybe, only after v1.0)
  • implement logging.handlers.SocketHandler protocol (maybe, only after v1.0)