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from SocketServer import ThreadingTCPServer, StreamRequestHandler
import threading
import socket
import time
from Queue import Queue
import os
import datetime
import gzip
import signal
__all__ = ['Server', 'Client']
class Server(object):
server process
listen specified port for connections
Server('/logs', 5010).start()
:param path: directory to save logs
:param port: tcp port to listen
:param host='': host for listen
:param binary=True: put into .tar.gz file or into plain text file
:param max_count=MAX_COUNT: maximum strings in memory before flush to files
:param life_time=LIFE_TIME: maximum days before delete log file
:param terminator=TERMINATOR: terminator between log strings
BUF_SIZE = 1024 * 4
MAX_COUNT = 1000 # max lines before flush
LIFE_TIME = 30 # count of days for save files
debug = False
class Handler(StreamRequestHandler):
def handle(self):
def __init__(self, path, port, host='', binary=True,
max_count=MAX_COUNT, life_time=LIFE_TIME, terminator=TERMINATOR):
self.path = path
self.port = port = host
self.binary = binary
self.max_count = max_count
self.life_time = life_time
self.terminator = terminator
self.dirs_file = os.path.join(self.path, 'netlog_dirs') = if self.binary else open
def start(self, debug=False):
start serving
:param debug: if True then write self work info into 'netlog' log
if not os.path.exists(self.path):
if not os.path.exists(self.dirs_file):
open(self.dirs_file, 'w')
self.debug = debug
self.debug_log('start on %s %s' % (, self.port))
self.queue = Queue()
self.stopping = threading.Event()
signal.signal(signal.SIGTERM, self.stop) # signal 15 (kill)
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, self.stop) # signal 2 (ctrl+c)
self.server = ThreadingTCPServer((, self.port), self.Handler)
self.server._server = self
def handle(self, connection):
"""work with connection, in dedicated thread"""
self.debug_log('connect with %s' % connection)
buf = ''
logfile = None
buf_partial = False
while not self.stopping.is_set():
# recv data
parts = buf.split(' ', 2)
if len(parts) < 3 or buf_partial:
buf += connection.recv(self.BUF_SIZE) # blocking
buf_partial = False
# parse data
self.debug_log('buffer', connection, parts)
count, action, buf = parts
count = int(count)
print 444, parts
assert 0
print 222, count, action, len(buf)
if len(buf) < count:
buf_partial = True
print 333
string = buf[:count]
buf = buf[count:]
if action in ['m', 't']:
self.queue.put((logfile, action, string))
elif action == 'f':
logfile = string
def flusher(self):
"""flusher process, flush memory data to logs """
logs = {}
count = 0
while True:
# wait and get new message
log_dir, action, string = self.queue.get()
self.debug_log('queue', repr(log_dir), repr(action), repr(string))
# parse message
log = logs.setdefault(log_dir, {})
if action == 'm':
count += 1
log.setdefault('strings', []).append(string)
elif action == 't':
log['terminator'] = string
# flush to files
if count >= self.max_count or self.stopping.is_set():
self.debug_log('flush', logs.keys())
date_str = str(
for log_dir, log in logs.items():
path = os.path.join(self.path, log_dir)
if not os.path.exists(path):
terminator = log.get('terminator', self.terminator)
with, date_str), 'a') as f:
# register dirs in rotator
reg_logs = open(self.dirs_file).read().split('\n')
reg_logs_new = [log for log in reg_logs if os.path.exists(log)]
for log in reg_logs:
if log not in reg_logs_new:
if reg_logs_new != reg_logs:
open(self.dirs_file, 'w').write('\n'.join(reg_logs_new))
logs = {}
count = 0
if self.stopping.is_set():
def rotator(self):
"""rotation process"""
date =
while not self.stopping.is_set():
cur_date =
if date != cur_date:
logs = open(self.dirs_file).read().split('\n')
self.debug_log('rotate:', logs)
date_str = str(date)
cur_date_str = str(cur_date)
del_date_str = str(cur_date - datetime.timedelta(
for log in logs:
logfile_src = os.path.join(log, date_str)
logfile_dst = os.path.join(log, cur_date_str)
logfile_del = os.path.join(log, del_date_str)
if os.path.exists(logfile_src):
os.move(logfile_src, logfile_dst)
if os.path.exists(logfile_del):
os.remove(logfile_del) =
def stop(self, signum, frame):
del self.server
self.debug_log('stopped, seeya!')
def debug_log(self, *strings):
"""print self log strings"""
if self.debug:
string = ' '.join(map(str, strings)), 'netlog'), 'a')\
.write('%s\n' % string)
class Client(object):
client for logger server
client = Client('', 5010, 'filename')
client.send('qwe asd')
client.send('rty\n fgh')
:param port: port to connect
:param host: host to connect
:param filename: file to write
def __init__(self, port, host, filename):
self.sock = socket.socket()
self.sock.connect((port, host))
def set_filename(self, filename):
"""set name of file or dir to write log strings"""
self.send('f %s' % filename, True)
def set_terminator(self, terminator):
"""set string, which will be between log strings"""
self.send('t %s' % terminator, True)
def send(self, string, control=False):
"""send string to server for write to log file"""
if not control:
string = 'm %s' % string
string = '%d %s' % (len(string)-2, string)
def close(self):
def __del__(self):
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