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+# $Id$
+This is a collection of issues which have shown up
+since the version 0.8.8 was released.
+Desc: in default configuration, SER prints '' in
+ Warning header field of all replies
+BugId: 372
+Workaround: use listen=<ip_address> in your configuration file;
+ that will make SER listen only on one interface (and not
+ on '' in parallel) and advertise correct IP
+ address
+Bug reason: multiple listening address ignored in message
+ translator
+CVS status: fixed
+Desc: serctl add ... returns "user exists"
+BugId: 374
+Workaround: either use serweb for addding new users or update
+ the serctl utility from CVS; the fixed version is at
+Bug reason: phplib_id ignored in sc
+CVS Status: fixed
+Desc: SMS module fails to load because of unresolved dependency
+ on
+BugId: 375
+Workaround: ? use source distribution, change modules/sms/Makefile
+ line with LIBS to "LIBS=" and recompile using make modules ?
+Bug reason: ? historical left-over in sms/Makefile?
+CVS status: not fixed yet

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