Command-line script to check on your bandwidth usage in ÉTS apartments.
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Bandwidth usage tool

This script was built to visualize your bandwidth usage in the ETS apartments.


The following script must be run like this :

python (type) (phase) (room)

e.g. to get the percent of the bandwith used by the room 6109 in phase 3, you need to call the script as the following :

python percent 3 6109


I wrote a wrapper for the Cooptel site. My wrapper returns the information in a JSON format. All you need is to import my script ( and use the following function :


It will return you a JSON object with the following properties :

  • room : the room specified
  • phase : the phase specified
  • month : the month specified
  • usage : total used (in GB)
  • left : total left (in GB)
  • maximum : total (in GB)
  • details : array of each day of the month

The details property is an array of JSON objects with the following properties :

  • port : port identifer for this day usage
  • date : date of the stat
  • upload : total upload for this day (in GB)
  • download : total download for this day (in GB)
  • total : total usage for this day (upload + download) (in GB)