Create an Adobe Color File from an array of hexadecimal color values and names.
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Node Adobe Color File Writer

Given an array of color info objects like

    color: "#FF9900",
    name: "Awesome Orange"

Write an Adobe Color file (.aco) to the given path.

var aco = require('aco');

var colorsArray = [
        color: "#FF9900",
        name: "Awesome Orange"

aco.make('', colorsArray, function(err, aco) {
    console.log("aco callback");
    aco.on('finish', function() {
        console.log('aco write finished', aco.path);

The callback gets the writeable stream for the .aco file, with .end() having been already called. It is possible to listen for the finish event as well as get the path. The .aco file can then be used in Photoshop and imported to the swatches panel.

Credit to Larry Tesler for explaining the spec