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0.1.3 (June 19th 2015)
- Fixed issue #29: Composition not working properly when output offset != 0 (Saúl Vargas)
0.1.2 (October 20th 2014)
- Fix a compatibility issue with the C++ version.
0.1.1 (September 19th 2014)
- We now have two versions of FastPFOR (with blocks of 128 ints and 256 ints) and the format was streamlined.
- BinaryPacking and IntegratedBinaryPacking now use a block size of 32 (instead of 128).
0.1.0 (September 18th 2014)
- Introduced skippable versions (for use in a search engine like Terrier)
0.0.15 (September 9th 2014)
- Improved the performance of VariableByte schemes when used as a ByteIntegerCODEC
0.0.14 (August 21st 2014)
- FastPFOR and VariableByte codecs made consistent with C++ version at
- VariableByte made to use little endian encoding
0.0.13 (July 23rd 2014)
- CODECs using differential coding are now in a separate package (me.lemire.integercompression.differential)
0.0.12 (June 9th 2014)
- Better API documentation
0.0.11 (Feb. 14th 2014)
- Fix rare bug in FastPFOR (reported by Stefan Ackermann (
- Improved API documentation
0.0.10 (Jan. 25th 2014)
- cleaning the code and improving the documentation
0.0.9 (Nov. 15th 2013)
- Improved BenchmarkCVS
- Improved comments slightly
- Fixed a rarely occuring bug in FastPFOR and IntegratedFastPFOR (reported by zhenjl)
0.0.8 (Nov. 12th 2013)
- variable byte schemes can now be used without an unnecessary copy, if you have a byte[] output array
- added two new (minor) codecs NewPFD16 and OptPFD16
0.0.6 (Sept. 4th 2013)
- Refactoring (MURAOKA Taro)
- Fixed issues with NewPFD and OptPFD when data is locally uncompressible.
0.0.5 (Sept. 3rd 2013)
- Fixed problem with FastPFOR when integers contain negatives (samuelbosch)
- Fixed problem with composition with short arrays (MURAOKA Taro)
0.0.4 (July 22nd 2013)
- moved unit testing to comply with maven standard
- codecs that have length limits no longer write out if they don't read in (Jimmy Lin)
- better documentation
0.0.3 : first public release
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