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0.2.6 (June 12th 2015)
Fixed Tests that would not run, standardized C# formatting.
0.2.5 (May 21st 2013)
Fixed bug with addStreamOfNegatedDirtyWords (Vicent Marti)
0.2.4 (May 15th 2013)
Fixed bug with Intersects (Ciaran Jessup)
0.2.3 (May 14th 2013)
Fixed violation of GetHashCode contract (Ciaran Jessup)
0.2.2 (May 13th 2013)
Fixed bug with Intersects (ynosa)
0.2.1 (April 16th 2013)
Clone method does not clone the _Rlw variable
Fixed bug in function Not when SizeInBits is not a multiple of 64
added method "bitmapOf"
made method ToString return something friendlier
change the semantics of "equals" so that a Xor is computed (small perf penalty, but nicer in practice)
added many unit tests
0.2.0 (April 20th 2012)
New lightweight serialization infrastructure (Ciaran Jessup).
0.1.0 (April 19th 2012)
New file layout.
Fixed a bug in how the cardinality is computed.
Made the computation of the cardinality faster.
Note: A version 0.2.1 was released on May 1st 2012, but it had
faulty decoding.