Fast maximum-minimum filters implemented in C++
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Fast running maximum-minimum filters implemented in C++.

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This code implements the algorithms described in the following paper:

Daniel Lemire, Streaming Maximum-Minimum Filter Using No More than Three Comparisons per Element. Nordic Journal of Computing, 13 (4), pages 328-339, 2006.

A preprint is available there:

Contributors: Daniel Lemire, Kai Wolf

The main algorithm presented in this package is used in Apache Hive.


To reproduce the numbers from the paper, do the following:



./runningmaxmin --sine 1000000 10000 --windowrange 4 100 --times 1

./runningmaxmin --white 1000000 --windowrange 4 100 --times 1


The new algorithm introduced in the manuscript is most suitable for piecewise monotonic data or when low-latency is required. Otherwise, Gil-Kimmel and van Herk are good choices.

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Another C++ library:

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