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RNG_test using PractRand version 0.93
RNG = RNG_stdin64, seed = 0x86dd9a09
test set = normal, folding = standard (64 bit)
rng=RNG_stdin64, seed=0x86dd9a09
length= 256 megabytes (2^28 bytes), time= 2.8 seconds
Test Name Raw Processed Evaluation
[Low4/64]BRank(12):768(1) R= +1272 p~= 5.4e-384 FAIL !!!!!!!
[Low1/64]BRank(12):256(2) R= +3748 p~= 3e-1129 FAIL !!!!!!!!
[Low1/64]BRank(12):384(1) R= +5405 p~= 3e-1628 FAIL !!!!!!!!
[Low1/64]BRank(12):512(1) R= +8161 p~= 1e-2457 FAIL !!!!!!!!
...and 155 test result(s) without anomalies
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