Qt LeapMotion library adding inputs and gestures to a Qt application
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Qt LeapMotion library adds inputs and gestures to a Qt application

In order to run the examples, you have to download the Leap SDK. Then in QtLeapMotion create a Leap directory in which you'll copy the following directories from the LeapSDK : include x64 -> if on 64 bits architecture x86 -> if on 32 bits architectue

Here what you should have on a Linux 64 bits machine :

QtLeapMotionLibrary/QtLeapMotion/Leap/include/Leap.h QtLeapMotionLibrary/QtLeapMotion/Leap/include/Leap.i QtLeapMotionLibrary/QtLeapMotion/Leap/include/LeapMath.h QtLeapMotionLibrary/QtLeapMotion/Leap/x64/libLeap.so

The SDK can be obtained here : https://www.leapmotion.com/developers (you have to sign up though)

Instructions :

  • You need to have Qt 5.* installed.
  • Open QtLeapMotionLibrary.pro in QtCreator.
  • In the project tab uncheck shadow build.
  • Build.

Enjoy !

Of course you're free to use the project any way you want under either the GPL 3.0 or LGPL 2.1 license which you'll find included with the sources.