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Lemma The Ultimate ⊢ Weblog

An experiment in using GitHub for collaborative blog authorship with posts themed broadly around functional programming with an emphasis on topics like verification, theorem proving, and mathematical properties (... also an obvious pun on the legendary Lambda the Ultimate).

How Does It Work

There isn't much too it. The minimalist approach was inspired by Reginald's homoiconic blog. To make a post, simply add a Markdown file in the directory posts/ (e.g. posts/ If you have supplementary material such as source code, that can be put in a directory of the same name (e.g. posts/you-had-me-at-curry/Curry.agda).


I wanted hassle free blogging, but don't put out enough content myself. Hopefully with the help of a community of contributors, seeing others add content will motivate everyone to think and share.

I Want You

To contribute you only need a text editor, Git installed, and a GitHub account. To get write access to this repository, ask @larrytheliquid or get in contact with someone on the organization's member list. To work on in-progress posts, just push up a branch named after your username (e.g. larrytheliquid). When you're happy with a post, merge and push to master. Don't fret about maintaining a clean Git history, the whole idea is to try to encourage creating content and not get sidetracked by superficial details.

If you don't have Git or prefer the convenience of the browser, editing documents with is quite pleasant.

Anything Goes

Contribute even small posts or underdeveloped ideas. It's all too easy to start a blog and never publish anything because you don't think it's mature enough.


As mentioned above, this is an experiment so feel free to not follow the outline above too. For example, if you are more comfortable with forking the repo (rather than creating a branch for your username), and issuing pull requests then have at it.


An open, inclusive, and collaborative blog community of formal methods and functional programming enthusiasts. Just ask @larrytheliquid to be promptly added as a member and begin contributing at your leisure :)






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