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Uses the GLC libary. Home for the not ready for GLC examples scripts.
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Lemming Scripts.  These work with the GLC library from:

Currently, I'm do a bit of reworking.  Started using perlbrew, hence the
#!/usr/bin/env perl
for the first line to use the current perl version instead of system perl

Scripts that aren't quite mature enough to be in the examples
at GLC will be here. Or ones that are under development.

I also don't follow the convention strictly.  I prefer --config lacuna.yml and
my data directory lives below my active directory.

lacuna --
     |--- bin   (All scripts)
     |--- data  (data shared between servers)
     |--- lib   (GLC lib)
     |--- norway_us1  (server empire)
                   |--- data (server empire specific data such as stars.db)
                   |--- log  (empire output data)
     |--- test_empire_pt
                   |--- data (server empire specific data such as stars.db)
     |--- tour_empire_us2
                   |--- data (server empire specific data such as stars.db)

So for when I am running scripts, I am in the norway_us1 directory,
most scripts are called:
# --config lacuna.yml --out log/output.js

Though normally I don't need the args, since that would be the default.
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