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C compiler written in V
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VCC - The C Compiler in V

This is a toy C compiler written in V.
This compiler is based on chibicc by Rui Ueyama.
This is the first compiler I have made.

The main object of this compiler is to compile The V Programming Language and compile itself by produced V binary.

Document by Rui Ueyama(Japanese):
My blog(Japanese):


Please make sure that the V compiler is installed on your terminal.
The V Programming Language:

To build VCC, run the following command

v -o vcc ./src

or just type


To compile C source code,

./vcc foobar.c > foobar.s
gcc -o foobar foobar.s

Key Features of VCC

  • All the operators in C are implemented
  • extern and global variables/prototype declaration supported
  • You can declare variables in for statements! Yay!
  • Structs and Unions are supported

and WIPs, you know

  • Preprocessor
  • Initialization
  • Float
  • Enum
  • Compound literal, it's well used in V


Special thanks to Rui Ueyama

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