Alfred 2 Workflow that gives you control over the rating and playlist membership of the current iTunes track.
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Song Control.alfredworkflow

Song Control

An Alfred Workflow by Chris Sauve of pxldot


This is a workflow for Alfred 2 that allows you to do most common actions on the currently playing iTunes track. You can rate it, add/ remove it from your (non-smart) playlists, play, pause, play another random song or go to the next/ last song.


This workflow requires Alfred 2 and the Alfred Powerpack. To be clear, that means that it doesn't work with Alfred 1 and it doesn't work without the Powerpack. If that is upsetting to you I recommend that you quiet down, support these awesome folks by buying their software, and then using this tool.

Once you've got the requisite pieces, you can easily install the workflow by downloading the latest version and double clicking on the .alfredworkflow file. This should open Alfred 2 and prompt you to install the workflow automatically.

Using the Workflow

The workflow responds to a number of different commands, each of which is detailed below:

  • list <arg>: this will offer to add the current track to playlists in your iTunes library matching a search for the argument (<arg>). If the song is already in that playlist, it will offer to remove it. Typing list * will show you every (non-smart and non-special) playlist. Note that if you are removing a song from a playlist that is currently playing, it will automatically move to the next song to prevent the music from suddenly stopping.

  • rate <arg>: this will rate the current track based on the argument you provide (<arg>). Stars are set out of 5 (i.e., you would enter rate 3, rate 4.5, etc). This function supports half-star ratings, but remember to enable them in iTunes first by typing the following into the terminal: defaults write allow-half-stars -bool TRUE

  • sinfo: Shows you the current track name, rating, artist, and album in Alfred.

  • play, pause, next, previous, and random: exactly what you'd expect.

Version History

  • 1.0.0 (May 10, 2013): Initial release.