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NoScript on steroids for opera !


Web pages have the ability to embed javascript programs in them to turn browsing into a more interactive experience. Javascript is one of the most important components in shaping user experience on the internet today. It is quite a powerful language, unfortunately it's become widely abused. Disabling javascript entirely isn't ideal as many sites stop working, so a good solution will only allow what's needed.


Like NoScript, ScriptWeeder gives the user control back over which scripts are loaded in a page. It is much much nicer to use however, no need to fight with every new website here !

I embarked on this project because i wasn't thrilled with what was available for opera at the time. Main goals is to provide:

  • an interface that's a treat to use, right under your hand
  • filtering logic that is both powerful yet easy to use.

It's got a few unique features:

  • Toolbar/Page button display
  • Zero click interface, just mouse over!
  • Custom style support !
  • Disable javascript but allow userjs and extensions to run.
  • Block scripts in iframes
  • Different modes of filtering:
    • block all: disable javascript
    • filtered: same origin
    • relaxed: just make it work !
    • allow all: load everything

If you're currently browsing without javascript protection, definitely give this and the ghostery extension a try. With all the usual nuisances blocked out it is quite a different experience, pages just load fast !

Extension / UserJS Version

There are 2 versions available: Extension and UserJS. They're mostly the same except:

  • extension can use a toolbar button
  • extension is easier to install
  • with the extension inline script blocking may be limited depending on your setup

For the last one, this page will tell you if you're affected. If that's the case, then the extension won't be able to block the first inline script of a page. This weakens Block All mode and iframe blocking a bit (external scripts blocking is fully functional however). If you care about this install the UserJS version: it has no problem with this.

Cool thing is it's possible to run both together and get the best of both worlds : the extension provides the toolbar button, and userjs sound script blocking. Only thing to worry about is importing settings when moving over (they store things in different places).

Opera <= 12

ScriptWeeder was written for Opera 11 and 12, chrome based Opera 15+ isn't supported. I do not plan on porting it to Opera 15. If you have the skills and feel like volunteering for the task it should be doable (NotScripts has been ported to chrome for instance).

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