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Getting a BD J Platform Definition

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The Platform Definition shell script included in the old HD Cookbook wiki expects the following files:

  • BD-ROM_Part3-2_v3.4_javadoc_080623-src-stubs.jar

How to acquire these files

Javadoc API Reference Documentation for Blu-ray Disc Application Development

"Java TV API (JSR 927)" in, "Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) 1.0.3 for CDC 1.0.2" in, "Foundation Profile (FP) and Connected Device Configuration (CDC), version 1.0b" in, and "Personal Basis Profile (PBP), version 1.0b in These were offered for download by Sun. Unfortunately, they do not seem to be available anymore.

Java TV API ( seems to be contained in the Java Doc Stubs for a CDC1.1 based TV stack zip as

Stubs for Packaged Media Target (GEM 1.0.3)

While the link in the shell script is offline, this file is still available here under the DVB Gem header.

BD-J JavaDocStubs

You can still easily obtain this from the BDA.

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