Aurelia wrapped kendo inputs for special cases such as allowing k, m shortcuts in a number input (1k => 1000)
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Aurelia and the Kendo bridge offer a nice way to start a web application with a rich interface. The question any rich interface developer will have to answer sooner or later is how to add functionality to the "out of the box" components.


A simple use case would be to be able to extend the NumericTextBox, which by default has the input restricted to [0-9.]+ to accept additional modifiers such as k, m.

These are common to financial applications for better control: 1k => 1000, 1m => 1000000.

First method

The first approach on extending the NumericTextBox is to follow official doc and just create an extended component (in an OOP thinking).

  • first you extend the NumericTextBox. See: src/vanilla/kendo-number-input.js
  • the you wrap it in Aurelia. See: src/components/oop-way/number-input.ts

The disadvantage of this approach is that you loose all the wrapping provided by the bridge and you will have to re-wrap everything yourself (bind to events, wrap properties, etc.).

Second method

I have spent a lot of years codding in C++ and Java so I have a certain mind structure. In that context the first method seems fine to me. However this is JavaScript and the language is flexible enough for a better way.

Just access the NumbericTextBox via the k-widget (available in the next tick after attached) and modify the desired function!

Just that easy. In the process keep all the wrapping and limit the code required. See: src/components/number-input.ts.