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SpiffyDoctrineExtensions Module for Zend Framework 2

The SpiffyDoctrineExtensions module sets up DoctrineExtensions to work with SpiffyDoctrine.


  • Zend Framework 2
  • SpiffyDoctrine


The simplest way to install is to clone the repository into your /modules directory add the SpiffyDoctrineExtensions key to your modules array before your Application module key and after SpiffyDoctrine.

  1. cd my/project/folder
  2. git clone modules/SpiffyDoctrine --recursive
  3. open my/project/folder/configs/application.config.php and add 'SpiffyDoctrineExtensions' to your 'modules' parameter after 'SpiffyDoctrine'.
  4. Add any DoctrineExtensions you want to use following the configuration below to your Application module config.

Example standard configuration

return array(
    'di' => array(
        'instance' => array(
            'doctrine-eventmanager' => array(
                'injections' => array(
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