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Some public cookbooks.

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All these cookbooks are BSD Licensed, so feel free to use and abuse.

Please not that some recipes rely on a scalarium setup/environment so you best test the setup before you call it a day. Some are also heavy work in progress. Take into account that even though they are used in production all/most of them are still 0.1 versioned.

Questions, comments? Feel free to get in touch!

Available cookbooks

Override scalarium

  • deploy
  • haproxy

Todo Till

  • finish bigcouch recipe
  • finish varnish recipe
  • test loggly
  • write cookbook for CouchDB-Lounge (update install)

Todo Scalarium

  • PRIO 1: Unter dem Account weitere user (sozusagen "sub accounts")
  • PRIO 3: Eine "availability zone" (z.B. East1a) als "default"
  • PRIO 3: Die Recipes anzeigen die bei den vordefinierten Rollen ausgefuehrt werden
  • PRIO 4: Eventuell auch die Standard-Recipes zum Auswaehlen irgendwo bereitstellen
  • PRIO 4: Instanzdetails syncen - auch wenn nicht gestartet ueber Scalarium
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