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List of OSS contributors willing to help others with their first pull requests!
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List of very friendly OSS contributors willing to help and mentor others with their first pull requests!

Why Does This Exist

There are a lot of people who would like to contribute to OSS, and it is great. Sometimes there are thoughts like, "where do I start with this issue?", "I feel like I might break stuff", "how does this compiler work", "I almost got it, but can't seem to connect these two pieces together", and similar. It happens to all of us. That's why it is important for first-time contributors of some project to feel that there are people who can help.

Started with this tweet.

The star symbol under "PR Mentorship Focus area" column means that the mentor didn't indicate their focus area and/or willing to help with any project.

Mentors, Be Reachable

When creating a pull request to add yourself as a mentor, please make sure that your Twitter Direct Messages are open, or add another way mentees can connect with you (email, slack, etc.).

Open Source Mentors

Contributor/Mentor Name PR Mentorship Focus area Contact
Jason Brown Apache Cassandra
Henrik Feldt F#, Logary, SuaveIO, HTTP.fs, FsAttoparsec
Sean Thomas Larkin JavaScript compiler/bundler, WebPack
Marcos Pereira Any project under Play Framework organization
Howard Chu Happy to mentor OpenLDAP, LMDB, Monero. Can advise on a bunch of other security-related projects as well e.g. OpenSSL, Cyrus SASL, Heimdal or MIT Kerberos, etc.
Reuben Bond Keen to help anyone hoping to contribute to Microsoft Orleans or otherwise :)
Jon Parrott Always happy to help people contribute to,, and google-cloud-python
Raul Raja I'd love to help folks with their first PRs to &
Steffen Forkmann FSProjects/Mechanic
Ed Anderson *
Maira Wenzel .NET
Matt Weagle Go,
Paul Morie Kubernetes
svetlyak40wt Working on the refactoring of Common Lisp web framework, known as Weblocks.
Paul Tyng Can help with Terraform and various other projects (mostly Go, some Javascript)
Sean Knox Kubernetes, Helm, Azure, AKS, Ruby, Rails, Angular, JavaScript, Terraform, Go <first name>.<last name>
Graydon Hoare Happy to help folks interested in compilation-perf work on the swift compiler
Jason Lengstorf * , GraphQL
Tom Harvey Definitely (Terraform)
Ali *
Cynede Gentoo
Sean Killeen * , .NET
Hakeem Mohammed *
ChristosMatskas *
jwendl *
Tuomas Hietanen
Michael Quinn I work on RStats packages. Here's one I'd be happy to help anyone interested!
Adam Miller Ansible Core Developer here, sounding off. Happy to help newcomers, we all start somewhere, Anyone feel free to @ me.
Doug Finke PowerShell
Russell Keith-Magee The PyBeeWare project has an open offer to mentor anyone that wants to get into OSS contribution. Our getting started guide:
Eric Christopher Happy to help people with pretty much any area of clang/llvm - if I can't do the final review I'll help with finding the right person.
Anne Ogborn I'm up for helping anybody contrib to SWI-Prolog
Steve Manuel Would love to help with Ponzu CMS, Golang
Davanum Srinivas OpenStack, Kubernetes
Phil Estes Moby project, manifest-tool, bucketbench, OCI runc
Ryan Gribble We love helping first time contributors! Octokit, GitHub API
Manuel Aristarán I'm the main author of TabulaPDF . Would love to help
Manish Earth Rust and Servo
Mark Story Happy to mentor anyone interested in CakePHP, or other projects I am involved with.
OJ I'm a commiter on the @metasploit project, and would happily help people out.
Joel Bennett I would be more than happy to help people get started with contributing to open source software, even if it wasn't any of the PowerShell stuff I'm involved with ;-)
Phil Sturgeon *
Tyler Bui-Palsulich I'd be happy to help someone with @ApacheTika! The core is in Java and there are clients in #golang, Python, and more.
hrbrcoin RStats
Barak Korren I'd love to help people get started with Open Virtualization in general and the oVirt infra/CI in particular.
Rick Altherr OpenBMC and Symbiflow mostly but Linux, U-Boot, etc as well
Houssein Djirdeh Happy to help anyone submit their first PRs to gitpointapp
Andreas Heigl I'm open to help someone with OpenSource-Contribs. Mainly with PHP
not a function Would love to help anyone wanting to work on Appollo GraphQL
Leandro Pereira I contribute to Zephyr IoT, and maintain Lwan ( and @hardinfo ( Willing to mentor&help newcomers.
snarql endpoint i love helping new folks learn the ropes!
Chris I've contributed to @InfluxDB but also realized a number of projects including bungiesearch (an elastic search wrapper for Django), smd (space mission designer tool in go), and hifitime (datetime management with leap seconds in Rust).
Cédric L. Charlier Happy to help new folks to contribute to any MS Data Platform related project.
Edward Loveall I contribute to or random packages and I'd be happy to help.
Free Benjamin For anyone interested in DNS, I am always open to people contributing to TRust-DNS, if you’re new to Rust, async-io, networking; I’m happy to try and explain things.
Tomáš Herceg I am one of the authors of dotvvm, a .NET based MVVM framework for webapps.
David LaPalomento I contribute to videojs and would be happy to walk someone through their first PR
Mustafa Ehsan I have around 10 tiny commits to laravelphp. And yes I am up for helping somebody to get started.
Andrew Jeffery I hack on the Linux kernel for OpenBMC and maintain some of the userspace bits and tooling. OpenBMC is a bit of a niche project, but I'm happy to help people wanting to contribute to either
Robert Main
Alyss 🙋I have put in some OSS contributions and taught folks git. Happy to help mentor
Martin Bean *
Bill Glover *
Shane Curcuru Apache Member here to help anyone with governance, brand, or community issues around ASF projects. Or Apache Whimsy PRs.
Kyle Mathews GatsbyJs
Jason Bahl Happy to help on mentor for wpgraphql
Mx. Oat Flat White Happy to help someone interested in contributing to silverstripe
Julien Melissas Absolutely would love to help with this for a Rootswp project or other WordPress project!
Sebastiaan van Stijn Docker
Peter Lyons *
Burhan Khalid *
James Taylor Count me in for helping with someone's first Hyperledger Composer PR as well as
Robert Collins *
Elliot Blackburn *
Claudia Procido *
Trask Happy to help with JavaScript and PHP. Maintain a few various projects
Andrew Janke Contrib on Mac Homebrew and other projects. Happy to help first timers.
Dominik George *
Eric Richardson Scala Native and SBT
Essam *
emily dogmom I'll do my best, OpenBMC
Chris Would love to help anyone get involved in cloudfoundry
Claudio Benghi Sure, if c++ or c# is your thing. Then xbimteam you want to look at. #Yoda
Ben Abelshausen Willing to help people interested in location tech and routing... issues with descriptions are ready!
Andreas Willich Happy to help new people to get into @specflow. We have special first timer only issues: Simple ping me on our Gitter channel.
Mark Railton *
Sylvia Any contribution to PextTool is always extremely welcome and I'll always try to guide anyone to the best of my ability. In fact, I love to see people contribute!
Samuel Roze *
Vic J. *
Vatsal Parekh *
Bagrat Aznauryan *
Joel Denning *
Troy Lindsay Powershell
Jonathan Irvin I’m down for helping people with Git
fv3rdugo I'd be happy to help someone with RavadaVDI!
Jen Weber Happy to help people with Ember.js or documentation improvements to almost any JS library
evrardjp Ansible, openstack-ansible !
Joyce Hsiao *
Navdeep Gill
Dmitry Khomutov I’m open for helping contribute to php censor.
Ed Elliott Happy to help on any project really, background is in windows/sql/.net/javascript but we can figure it out together :)
Scotty C More than happy to help anyone get there first PR merged. Especially if you are a fellow Aussie!
Liviu Tudor *
Parthvi Vala I have some experience working in python and django and I'd be more than happy to help someone.
Andrew Brown *
Adam Dymitruk *
Jon Wood Experience with .NET, Python, Jupyter, and data science items
Cristian Măgherușan-Stanciu Eager to mentor people interested to contribute on AutoSpotting, mainly Go with the AWS SDK
Gustavo Franco I have 7 years of experience working with Node.js and I'd like to help new developers
Irakli Safareli Open for helping people contribute to various Purescript projects
Kalle Ott TypeScript
Esteban Solano G. I'm helping these days as mentor to help shipping apps to heroku
Mauricio Salatino I'm totally in activiti, java, bpm, microservices
cyplo Any project really, I can help with reviews, communication with maintainers and whatever else is needed :) I am a contributor to the Rust compiler and other Rust projects, if that helps you choose :)
Php Mentoring PHP community has a website dedicated exactly to that purpose - network that connects mentors and apprentices. Regardless of the name, it's not limited to PHP only, but (un)related technologies as well.
Nicolas CHEVOBBE Can mentor anyone who wants to contribute on FirefoxDevTools
Jens Schauder I can help with spring data, especially commons, JPA and JDBC.
Spencer Gibb I'm willing to help with Spring Cloud contributions
Roshan Jossey I maintain a project to help beginners get started on contributing open source projects. First Contributions. We also have a slack team to help/mentor people trying to contribute to open source projects. Join slack team
Shobhit Chittora Contributing to Visual Studio Code and NodeJS
Garrett McCullough I've contributed to React, React Native and a bunch of related projects. Happy to help
Josep Prat I can help people having their first PR into Akka HTTP!
Pete Higgins ruby, testing
Manraj Singh Open Source Community Leader @duckduckgo and Contributor to mozilla/gecko-dev, PAIR-code/deeplearnjs, pandas-dev/pandas and more. Ask me about Open Source and self projects.
Stian Soiland-Reyes Apache Foundation Member, Taverna, Commons, Juneau, Common Workflow Language, ORCID, some Dockerfiles or old-skool: JAI ImageIO, Beanshell
Oskar Dudycz I’m widely open for mentoring .Net Core, CQRS and Event Sourcing through PR to my GoldenEye Framework There’s lot to do and lot to learn!
Dimitris-Ilias Gkanatsios *
Ankit Balyan I love to help/mentor in nodeJs, ReactJs, MeteorJs, Php/ Laravel Projects, architecturing projects, DevOps for beginners in web development
Mubaris NK Willing to help anything related to Python, ML, Git and Github. I maintain an organization reserved for Golang learners
Chaim Eliyah The Machete open source project for day laborers and day labor centers, utilising C#, WebAPI, AngularJS, NUnit
W. Kyle Hamilton R, Shiny
Rajendra Arora Open source contributor in TensorFlow. Always here to help
Marc Piechura I can help with Akka.Net, especially the Streams module and Reactive Streams .Net
Sahil Dua Open Source Community Leader @duckduckgo and Contributor to git, google/go-github, github/linguist, pydata/pandas and kinto/kinto
Dhruv Apte Anything related to Python, ML, NLP and Git
Thomas Barras JS stuff (React, React-Native, Redux, Apollo, UI libs...), Go stuff, whatever
James Turnbull Open Source maintainer - Riemann, contributor to Docker, Puppet, Prometheus. Happy to help - especially on docs
Steven Murawski Maintainer for Chef, Habitat, Test-Kitchen. Happy to help with PowerShell, Ruby, Rust, setting up build pipelines <first name>.<last name>
Arun Chandrasekhar Principal Program Manager for Azure OSS integrations esp. with Terraform. Happy to help with Terraform, Jenkins, Ansible, Vault, Consul and any other Azure OSS integrations <first name>.<last name>
Kate Sky .Net, C#, JS, Vue.js, WebAPI, Swagger, Angular
Siva Angular, NodeJS, Swift, Android, Xamarin, Security & Azure/AWS integrations
Richard Littauer Open Source Maintainer. Founder of @mntnr <first name>.<last name> or on Twitter
@stakx A friendly guy on Moq and Castle Core doing CSharp <user name>
Chris Short DevOps, CNCF Ambassador, Open Source, Sarcasm, Florida Gators, Partially Disabled Veteran, Husband, Father
Ariel Weisberg Apache Cassandra, VoltDB <first name>@<last name>.ws
@drnic Your first port of call for contributing to the Cloud Foundry & BOSH communities
Xavier Shay Look for the small label on RSpec projects. I also specialize in contributing to code bases in languages I don't know :) See website
Noah Watkins We are a friendly group building a distributed shared-log and append-only key-value database on Ceph. There is something for everyone, and we are happy to help anyone get involved. <first name> or Twitter
Tejas Bubane Maintainer of javascript & ecmascript tracks on exercism. But happy to help with other languages as well. Most issues are easy to get started for first-timers. DMs open on twitter or just @ in some issue
Marco Zocca Haskell, data science/numerical methods/machine learning ,
Yashovardhan Agrawal Maintainer of Addy. I am available for questions related to JavaScript (React Native, Redux, Node, etc.) and other languages too. Ask away any problem related to open source contributions Email me on or just mention me @yashovardhanagrawal in some issue
Anupam Das Open Source Enthusiast. Founder @BroFOSS. Java, Android, Web, Cloud. GSoC, GCI, or other SoC aspirants can also contact me. DMs open on twitter or just mention @opticod in some issue
Awesome list of Haskell mentors Haskell developers who want to mentor beginner-contributors in open source projects. Contact individual mentors you found on this page
Omar Bahareth Mainly focused on Ruby, Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, JavaScript, React, and Docker, but always happy to help out with anything else! @obahareth on GitHub or @o_bahareth on Twitter.
Eddie Jaoude Open source fullstack web development, mainly javascript, typescript, node, angular, cucumber, serverless | Tech events & hackathons | Diversity & Inclusion YouTube | Twitter | GitHub
Vijay Chidambaram Linux kernel file systems, RocksDB, PebblesDB, CrashMonkey
Kirankumar Ambati Open Source Contributor, Gatsby maintainer, maintainer of i-can-not-react. Ask me about: JavaScript, React, Redux, ES6, NodeJS, ExpressJS My Website
Vladimir Gorej Functional programming enthusiast, ramda-adjuct author and maintainer. Happy to help people getting started with Functional Programming. Fluent in JavaScript, Elixir, Python. blog, github, website, twitter
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