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Portal UI for allowances, creating, and viewing loan offers
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Portal UI for allowances, creating, and viewing loan offers

how to install?

npm install

yarn (If you are using yarn)

setup .env

cp .env.example .env


start: react-scripts start

build: react-scripts build

test: react-scripts test --env=jsdom

eject: react-scripts eject

how to run?

npm start (yarn start) : http://localhost:3000

how to build dist?

npm run dist (yarn dist)

how to work with lendroid

check on LendroidJS

test with lendroid

  1. Clone both repository - reloanr-ui and lendroid-js
  2. Update package.json in reloanr-ui as following
live : "lendroid": "2.3.0-beta.1"
test : "lendroid": "../lendroid-js"
  1. Install with npm install or yarn (use NPM for lendroid-js and use Yarn for reloanr-ui)
  2. yarn start on reloanr-ui
  3. Update on reloanr-ui will be updated by hot-loading
  4. Update on lendroid-js need follow steps
$ > tsc
$ > cp -rf ./dist ../portal-ui/node_modules/lendroid/

You can do other features like test, watch and others regarding package.json or you can modify as you need

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