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Gemsets for chruby

although there shouldn't be a reason this wouldn't work with any ruby version tool (RVM, rbenv etc)


git clone
echo "source '`pwd`/chruby_gemsets/'" >> ~/.zshenv
source "'`pwd`/chruby_gemsets/'"

Creating a gemset

Just put the name of the gemset inside a .gemset file somewhere in your project tree. So something like:

echo my-new-gemset > .gemset

You can check that this works by running either gem env or gem list to see that you've got a fresh gemset.

.ruby-gemset is also supported. So for those people who are switching from RVM can keep using their project specific dotfiles.

Tips for dealing with git

If you want to hide the fact you're using a particular gemset:

echo ".gemset" > .git/info/exclude

This adds your .gemset file to a local only .gitignore.

Boring stuff


MIT. Do whatever you want with this


Based on from chruby

Known Issues

  • Only works with zsh. Should be easy to make it work with bash, but I don't have time to test it just yet :(
  • Almost entirely untested. Use at own risk.