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Project: formless3

This project aims to develop a lightweight plug-in to replace paper forms


The project is an lightweight plugin that allows design, fill, sign and verify digital forms. It's html-based and javascript-based application with the integration of RDFa

How to use

Form Creator Tool

1/ Go to this webpage and design the form that fits your needs

Recommended Browser: Chrome

2/ Drag and drop form components into drop-zone

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3/ Download your form

Sign, Import or Fill your form

1/ Open the form downloaded GitHub Logo

2/ Fill the blanks and save your forms

3/ Click the button Import to import data from your previous forms to fill the blanks of new forms

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4/ Click the button Lock, you can enter the PGP private key and the passphrase (digital signing) to sign your form.

If you leave them empty, your form is only locked (electronic signing)

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5/ Wait for the process finished and download your signed form

Verify the form signature

1/ Open the signed form, click Open the verification tool which redirect to the Verification Page

You can also access directly to this page by the following address

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2/ Open the signed form

3/ Provide the public key

4/ Click button Verify to verify the signature of your form

Errors and bugs are possible, you're welcome to report.

For more details, please read the report in the Report folder or click the link below


This project aims to develop a lightweight plug-in for the e-form



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