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A bot detector written in PHP detecting bots visiting your webservice
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This library helps you detecting bots like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

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Installation using composer

$ php composer.phar require vipx/bot-detect


use Vipx\BotDetect\BotDetector;
use Symfony\Component\Config\FileLocator;
use Vipx\BotDetect\Metadata\Loader\YamlFileLoader;

# Instantiate Symfony components required to load and parse YAML files.
$locator = new FileLocator();
$loader = new YamlFileLoader($locator);

# Use extended bot list prodivded in Resources directory.
$metadataFile = './Resources/metadata/extended.yml';

# Instantiate a BotDetector with the YamlFileLoader instance and path to YAML.
$detector = new BotDetector($loader, $metadataFile);

# Call detect() on BotDetector, passing in a user agent string and IP address,
# most commonly found in $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] and $_SERVER['REQUEST_ADDR']
# respectively.
# detect() will return a Vipx\BotDetect\Metadata\Metadata object containing the 
# details of a matched bot and null on no match.
$bot = $detector->detect($agent, $ip);


  • Add additional meta data loaders (xml, php)


The first version of list of bots is coming from Manage_Bots script created by the phpBB community. The following community members and contributors worked on the script and its list of bots:

phpBB Community

Marcus Wendel, ReptileGuy, Young Jedi Knight, Pony99CA, Clava, ricjonhay, roBBx, Sr X, HGN, AmigoJack, millipede, maxwell2, StandBy, ade74, heredia21, TheSnake, natalia26, Puchahawa, T50, Peter77sx, Schwpz, Vinny, lanesharon, leschek, fac7orx, Joshua203, Paul, doktornotor, stokerpiller and raimon



If you find one or more missing bots, simple fork this repository and add them to the fitting metadata files.

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