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A jQuery Notifications Plugin
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jQuery jNotifica Plugin

What is it?

jNotifica is a jQuery plugin that provides a beautiful and simple notifications system. It's usefull for substitute JavaScript alerts.

It works in which browsers?

jNotifica is compatible with the most of modern browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8

And also Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, but...

...there is a poor support, because IE6 don't support CSS position: fixed. I had to use a "gambiarra" (something like "quick fix" in English), and this solution not provides a good "user experience". But works.

Some examples

  1. Top message:

    $.jnotifica('Hello from Brazil!',{
        margin : 10,
        width  : 400,
        effect : 'fade',
        padding: 25,
        msgCss : {
            textAlign : 'center',
            fontSize  : '138.5%',
            fontWeight: 'bold'
  2. Right/bottom message:

    $.jnotifica('Hey! You here? ;-D',{
        margin    : 10,
        position  : 'bottom',
        align     : 'right',
        background: 'purple',
        width     : 400
  3. Big bottom message:

    var timer, color;
    $.jnotifica('BUY ME! BUY ME!',{
        position  : 'bottom',
        background: 'navy',
        onShow    : function(Main){
            timer = setInterval(function(){
                color = color ? false : true;
        onClose   : function(Main){
  4. Message with HTML

        position  : 'bottom',
        background: 'green',
        clickClose: false,
        timeout   : 0,
        cursor    : 'default'
  5. Rounded corners

    $.jnotifica('Beautiful! *-*',{
        position  : 'bottom',
        width     : 300,
        msgCss    : {
            textAlign: 'center'
        background: 'blue',
        opacity   : 0.5,
        margin    : 30,
        classes   : 'rounded_corners'

Basic usage:

Show notification:

$.jnotifica(MESSAGE[, OPTIONS]); ...or: $.jN(MESSAGE[, OPTIONS]);

Close notification:

$.jnotifica.close(); ...or: $.jN.close();

Notification from element:

$(ELEMENT).jnotifica([OPTIONS]); ...or: $(ELEMENT).jN([OPTIONS]);

All options:

Please visit


Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.

Copyright 2009, 2010 Lenon Marcel

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