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The Real Time applications and data operation #DataOps portal for Apache Kafka and Kubernetes


  1. for real-time DataOps - where the application and data fabric blends - Lenses

    Shell 136 22

  2. Kafka Docker for development. Kafka, Zookeeper, Schema Registry, Kafka-Connect, Landoop Tools, 20+ connectors

    Shell 1.8k 297

  3. Streaming reference architecture for ETL with Kafka and Kafka-Connect. You can find more on on how we provide a unified solution to manage your connectors, most advanced SQL engine…

    Scala 863 332

  4. Web Tool for Kafka Topics |

    JavaScript 854 145

  5. Web tool for Avro Schema Registry |

    JavaScript 392 104

  6. Web tool for Kafka Connect |

    JavaScript 456 121



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