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Title: Localization and Mapping with a Mobile Robot and Kinect

Group Info:

College: Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, University of Mumbai

  • Ashish Belokar (Computer Engineering)
  • Kshitij Dholakia (Computer Engineering)
  • Swapnil Kate (Computer Engineering)

Extension Of

Implementation of slam_gmapping

Project Description

The project involves the development of a mobile robotic platform, equipped with wheel encoders and Kinect sensor and using it to carry out Localization and Mapping in indoor environments.

Key implementation points in the project are:

  • Developing mobile robot
  • Converting encoder data to pose estimates (x, y, theta)
  • Identifying Coordinate frames of the robot, and implementing Coordinate frame Transformations
  • Set up the Kinect to stream Laser Scan data from it's depth camera
  • Perform slam_gmapping
  • Visualize the entire process

Technologies Used

  • Robot Operating System
  • Kinect
  • Arduino
  • Custom-made Robot:
    + Differential (rear-wheel) drive with a front castor-wheel
    + Laptop-mountable Chasis

Installation Instructions

  1. Install Robot Operating System on Ubuntu 11.10 ROS Electric
    sudo apt-get install ros-electric-desktop-full

  2. Install OpenNI, the Kinect driver, as a ROS Stack OpenNI
    sudo apt-get install ros-electric-openni-kinect

  3. Download the Arduino IDE, for programming the Arduino microcontroller Arduino IDE
    sudo apt-get install arduino

  4. Set up Arduino to run as a ROS node using rosserial rosserial
    hg clone

  5. Set up pointcloud_to_laserscan ROS package pointcloud_to_laserscan
    hg clone


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