Use a .atomignore file to hide files & folder in tree view
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Atom tree-ignore package

Use a .atomignore file to hide files & folder in tree view


Sometimes, you want to hide some files & folders from the tree view. With Atom, you can make it globally, or for each project, via the gitignore file.
But... if you don't want to hide file globally, or ignore them in your repo ?

Use an .atomignore file in your projects !

It works like a regular .gitignore file, but only hide the files & folders in the Atom's tree view.


Simply add an .atomignore file in your project.

You can also control the state of hiding by using tree-ignore:toggle, tree-ignore:enable & tree-ignore:disable commands.


With the success of Atom, it's really difficult to choose keybindings that will not enter in conflict with anyone else's packages, so I have removed the default keystrokes and let the keymap empty to let you set your own keybindings.