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kouto swiss: contributing

You want to contribute to *kouto swiss ? It's great! I'm really glad to see you want it too.

This little document will help you to contribute to the project easily by presenting you the tools I made to help you.

There's two way to contribute to kouto swiss: add new functionalities or bugfix the stylus libraries, or, if you don't want/can't write stylus code, you can help me rewrite the texte of the documentation, since my english, is, I know, very bad.

Setup the project for development

Simply fork & clone the repository, and launch the command npm install from inside the kouto swiss folder.

Contribute to the lib

Each functionality of the kouto swiss lib has 3 parts:

  1. the unit tests
  2. the functionality's code
  3. the functionality's documentation

Unit Tests

If you look at the folder test/cases, you will see many tests here. Each test consist of two files: a .styl file, and a .css file. As you can guess, The stylus file is compiled using the lib and should be equal to the result in css file.

Each time you want to add/modify a functionality, be sure to begin your work by adding the corresponding tests.

You can run the test by launching this command: grunt test.

Functionality's code

All the functionalities of kouto swiss are stored in the lib/ folder of the repository. Simply add your new functionality's file to the corresponding folder, and don't forget to import it into the index.styl file of the folder.

After each addition and/or modification, be sure all the tests are running well.

Functionality's documentation

The documentations for the funtionnalities of kouto swiss are store in the _docs folder. These are written in markdown format and follow some simple structure you can easely understand by reading the existent doc files.

Don't forget to add your new functionnality to the _doc/index.json file, which is used to generate the documentation page.

You can preview the kouto swiss website locally with the following command: grunt preview, which allows you to see the site on localhost:5555.

Contribute to the documentation website

The process is much simpler here: the documentation website's files are stored in the _docs folder.

Before modifying anything, launch the following command: grunt work, which will compile all the files and launch a web server for previewing the site on localhost:5555. This preview has a livereload feature included if you want to use it.

Simply modify/correct the files and the task will recompile your changes.

Thanks in advance for helping me making kouto swiss a great and useful tool for all the stylus users! :)