Erlang bindings to RocksDB datastore
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Erlang bindings to RocksDB datastore.

Build Information

  • "erocksdb" uses the rebar build system. Makefile so that simply running "make" at the top level should work.
  • "erocksdb" requires Erlang R16B03-1 or later.


Passed all the tests derived from eleveldb


The release version follows the RocksDB's one. For instance, if the version of erocksdb is 4.13.5 then the version of RocksDB erocksdb binds is also 4.13.5.


erocksdb's license is Apache License Version 2.0


This code is based on basho’s eleveldb.


LeoProject/LeoFS is sponsored by Rakuten, Inc. and supported by Rakuten Institute of Technology.