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LeoFS v1.3.8 (November 22, 2017)

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@yosukehara yosukehara released this 22 Nov 13:15
· 295 commits to v1 since this release


Fixed Bugs


  • #799 s3cmd 2.0 hangs itself and slows down storage nodes
  • #845 Errors about multipart object parts on storages during upload
  • #848 Gateway returns object that did not change instead of 304 (Not Modified)
  • #851 Unable to remove gateway using DNS name through leofs-adm
  • #854 Create bucket and put object tests fail
  • #884 Omit Content-Length when responding 204
  • #903 Correctly uploaded file was removed during multipart upload
  • #907 Parallel access to same file locked
  • #926 Upload ID can conflict in case multiple clients try to upload a same file at once
  • #937 Content-Range Header is not set in range request reply


  • #914 Old Cluster cannot join cluster from 1.3.3, incompatible system_conf sent


  • #874 Recover-file doesn't work at all
  • #880 Recover-node fails to recover all data on storage node
  • #881 Read-repairer does not fix all objects


  • #729 leo_logger Tons of logs can get LeoFS overloaded
  • #835 leo_gateway leo_storage LeoFS v1.3.7 - MDC not replicating custom headers


  • #841 leo_object_storage Take much time to open with lots of AVS files
  • #858 leo_gateway Special URL to check gateway's health in S3 mode for load balancers
  • #883 leo_storage Increase default open files limit (on Linux)
  • #912 leo_storage Watchdog for slow processing/timeout always enabled


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