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@yosukehara yosukehara released this Jul 19, 2018 · 75 commits to v1 since this release


Fixed Bugs

  • #947 [leo_object_storage] MD5 check doesn't happen in case GET with Range header with is_strict_check = true
  • #1030 [leo_object_storage] Fix error handling/where to call of file:datasync in case of SYNC_MODE_WRITETHROUGH
  • #1046 [rack aware] Doesn't work as expected
  • #1047 [rack aware] rack-id isn't displayed on leofs-adm status <NODE>
  • #1049 [leo_storage][multipart] Abort multi-part upload leaves parts objects
  • #1050 [leo_gateway][multipart] Return wrong status code in some abnormal cases
  • #1058 [leo_mq] the state is not changed to suspend after issuing mq-suspend
  • #1059 [leo_mq] The state suspend can be changed to running/idle by leo_watchdog


  • #549 [leo_object_storage][compaction] Timeout for safe
  • #618 [leo_manager][leo_storage] How to recover from a queue being lost
  • #766 [leo_gateway] Revise the default for large_object.reading_chunked_obj_len
  • #824 [libcutil] Suppress debug info to STDOUT
  • #1016 [leo_manager][leo_storage] leofs-adm recover-file doesn't work for a large object
  • #1038 [leofs-adm] leofs-adm issue when requesting msgs to LeoFS on Debian v9.x
  • #1060 [leo_mq] Improve the CPU utilization by changing consumers to event-driven way
  • #1061 [leo_mq] enables users to issue mq-suspend in case the state is idle
  • #1068 [leo_manager] log_level is not output on json I/F
  • #1069 [leo_manager] The response from get-(users|endpoints|buckets) are inconsistent when it's empty


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