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@yosukehara yosukehara released this Feb 20, 2019 · 20 commits to v1 since this release


New Features

  • #420 S3-API leo_gateway Support object compression during network transfers

Fixed Bugs

  • #1082 leo_storage Fail to start in case it receives delete-(bucket|dir) messages during its startup
  • #1089 leo_gateway No error log when setting an invalid IP of one of LeoManager nodes
  • #1091 leo_storage Rebalance get slow down when ingesting messages into leo_rebalance_queue
  • #1093 leo_storage No error log when setting an invalid IP of one of LeoManager nodes
  • #1116 s3-api leo_gateway Cyberduck not listen files - Fix LeoFS' S3-API
  • #1133 s3-api leo_gateway PUT Object tagging MUST be ignored


  • #965 leo_manager create|import-user can fail with records partially updated
  • #1079 f_ring Dump RING before changing it
  • #1086 leo_storage Setting a large num_of_containers causes leo_storage not to work properly
  • #1090 leo_manager whereis output can be wrong when the storage node is slow - Revise the format of whereis command's output
  • #1094 leo_gateway Reading a file through s3fs can fail
  • #1103 leo_gateway rest-api GET with the Range header doesn't work
  • #1123 snmp leo_storage SNMP don't return leo_per_object_queue
  • #1130 leofs Make it work with OTP 21
  • #1152 leo_manager Prohibit any operations which change the cluster status while the RING inconsistency happens


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