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LeoFS is an unstructured object/data storage for the Web and a highly available, distributed, eventually consistent storage system.
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Welcome to LeoFS


LeoFS is the Web shaped object storage system and S3 compatible storage.


  • One-Huge Storage
    • LeoFS is the Web shaped object storage system.
    • LeoFS is built to operate in highly distributed environments, such as the private cloud.
    • LeoFS has NO SPOF.
    • LeoFS's cluster consists of a set of loosely connected nodes. So, They can be viewed as ONE-Huge Storage.
    • LeoFS is made by modular-system. So, It realizes a lower cost of operations.
  • 3-HIGHs
    • LeoFS is highly scalable, fault-tolerant Distributed File System for the Web.
    • Different than other DFS — LeoFS offers a number of unique benefits to users:
      • HIGH cost performance
      • HIGH Reliability
      • HIGH Scalability
  • S3 Compatible
    • LeoFS is Amazon S3 compatible storage system.
    • Switch to LeoFS to decrease your cost from more expensive public-cloud solution.

Where to find more

  • Detail document is here.

Quick Start

  • Document is here
  • Prepare
    • "leofs" uses the "rebar" build system. Makefile so that simply running "make" at the top level should work.
    • "leofs" requires Erlang R14B04.
  • Build and Package
$ git clone
$ cd leofs
$ make
$ make release
  • Modify Configuration File: detail
  • Operate on "Manager Console": detail
## Need to modify configuration files - 
##     manager_master: leofs/package/leofs/manager_0/etc/app.config
##      manager_slave: leofs/package/leofs/manager_1/etc/app.config
##            storage: leofs/package/leofs/storage/etc/app.config
##            gateway: leofs/package/leofs/storage/etc/app.config

$ cd package/leofs
$ manager_0/bin/leo_manager start
$ manager_1/bin/leo_manager start
$ storage/bin/leo_storage start

## Need to operate on "LeoFS-Manager's Console" - 
##     - Command: [START, STATUS]

$ gateway/bin/leo_gateway start

## Confirm LeoFS's Status on "LeoFS-Manager's Console" - 
##     - Command: [STATUS]


  • LeoFS aims to provide the following advantages:
    • HIGH Cost Performance
      • Fast - Over 200MB/sec into 10GE (READ)
      • A lower cost than other storage
      • Provide easy management and easy operation
    • HIGH Reliability
      • Nine nines - Operating ratios is 99.9999999%
    • High Scalability
      • Build Huge-Cluster at low cost


  • 0.10 (Aug 2012)
    • Increase compatibility S3-APIs
      • Authentication
      • Bucket-related
  • 0.12 (Oct 2012 - Dec 2012)
    • Large Object Support (incl.Streaming/Multi-part/Range Requests)
    • Object Expiration
    • Multi-layer Cache (Using SSD)
    • Web-Console (Leo Tamer)
      • Cluster manager/monitor
      • Log Analysis/Search
  • Future works (2013)
    • Multi-Datacenter for Geographical Optimization
    • HBase integration
      • Distributed Lock Mechanism
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