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This is a repository containing Ansible Playbooks (*.yml) and Roles (roles/*) to simplify LeoFS Cluster Managerment.

  1. Users can easily deploy LeoFS cluster with several commands (ansible-playbook)
  2. Administrators can easily write theris own playbooks with the roles Advanced users can write their own playbooks with the supplied role definitions


Role definitions for LeoFS components are provided to simplify installation and configuration.

  1. Builder (builder) - Build LeoFS Package from Source
  2. Common (common) - Common Operations such as preparing directories
  3. LeoManager (leo_manager_0 and leo_manager_1) - Manager Nodes
  4. LeoStorage (leo_storage) - Storage Nodes
  5. LeoGateway (leo_gateway) - Gateway Nodes
  6. Controller ('controller') - Controller (Configure leofs-adm tool)

Directory Structure

LeoManager (Primary) leo_manager_0 as an example

├── leo_manager_0
│   ├── defaults
│   │   ├── main.yml (Default Settings for Primary LeoManager)
│   ├── meta
│   │   └── main.yml (Dependency of Role, i.e. common)
│   ├── tasks
│   │   ├── control.yml (Tasks Definition for Start/Stop/Purge Node)
│   │   ├── main.yml (Main Task File)
│   └── templates
│       ├── leo_manager_0.conf.j2 (LeoManager Configuration Template)


Configurable parameters could be found in {role}/defaults/main.yml, for explanation of each parameter, tooltips could be found under in {role}/templates/{component}.conf.j2

Included Playbooks

  1. build_leofs.yml Build LeoFS from Source
  2. install_leofs.yml Install LeoFS from Source/Package
  3. config_leofs.yml Configure LeoFS
  4. start_leofs.yml Start LeoFS Cluster
  5. stop_leofs.yml Stop LeoFS Cluster
  6. purge_leofs.yml Purge LeoFS Cluster (Force Stop and Delete)
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