USBzDXL, USB to Dynamixel Module
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AUTMan USBzDXL: USB to Half-Duplex Convertor

The USBzDXL is a module used to directly control the ROBOTIS Dynamixel using a computer running Linux, Win or Mac. The USBzDXL is equipped with 3-pin and 4-pin connectors to be compatible with all variety of dynamixels. Both 4-pin (RS485) and 3-Pin (TTL Half-Duplex) can be used simeltanuesly. In addition, the USBzDXL can be used as a normal usb to serial convertor. This function can be used effectively when dynamixel exclusive controllers such as the CM-2, CM-2+ and CM-5 are connected to UBS port or when the ZIG2Serial is connected to an USB port to control a robot by radio.