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Discord bot for controlling a singular AWS EC2 instance
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AWS EC2 Controller Discord Bot

This is still a large WIP, currently being used to turn a Feed the Beast server on and off from Discord. End goal is to have a larger amount of commands, easier integration with your own AWS account and not having just one hard coded instance.

Tools Used

  • Python 3 and pip3
  • AWS CLI : pip3 install awscli
  • AWS BOTO library : pip3 install boto3
  • Discord Bot library : pip3 install discord

Usage | Installation

  1. Install and setup the required tools above
  2. Setup AWS CLI with aws configure
  3. Go to Discord's developer site and setup a bot here
  4. Clone this repo into a desired folder
  5. Change the instance ID in to your desired instance
  6. Set the discord token environment variable with the name 'AWSDISCORDTOKEN'
  7. python3 :)

For easy and reliable usage I reccomend using upstart to restart on error and start on system startup

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