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Leo Cassarani's Dotfiles

This repository contains a copy of my most important dotfiles. I don't expect them to be very useful to anyone other than myself, but you might be able to pick up the odd trick here and there. It goes without saying that by copying any of their contents you assume full responsibility for any consequences they may have on your system.


Originally, I started using Vim on top of Janus, a collection of plug-ins and settings that can be installed in minutes to get you up and running with a modern Vim setup.

More recently, I chose not to install Janus on a new machine and start from a completely blank slate instead. Most of my configuration still comes from settings and plugins that Janus would normally provide, but I am much happier (and my Vim startup times are much faster) now that I know exactly what goes into my Vim sessions.

My Vim setup is heavily biased towards editing Ruby and Rails code. Quite a few of my functions come from Gary Bernhardt, and I also have Vim set up to automatically strip trailing whitespace whenever I write to a file, which I stole from a fellow Unboxed employee.


Most of the contents of my .gitconfig file come from an earlier version of Gary Bernhardt's, and they mostly consist of a few very simple shortcuts that I couldn't live without. git aa, git di and git dc are probably my absolute favourites.


I use Zsh with oh-my-zsh, so there isn't much to see in my .zshrc file, as the bulk of my customisations come from oh-my-zsh plugins.