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import pandas as pd
from numpy import corrcoef
# report from Facebook Ads Reporting (Day breakdown)
columns = ['Ad Set Budget',
'Amount Spent (USD)',
'Clicks (All)',
'Result Type',
'Cost per Result']
df = pd.read_csv("fb_adset_budget.csv", index_col=None, usecols=columns).dropna()
dfl = df.loc[df['Result Type'] == 'Lead'] # only Lead result type
# correlation coeficient
budget_cpa = round(corrcoef(dfl['Ad Set Budget'], dfl['Cost per Result'])[1, 0], 2)
budget_volume = round(corrcoef(dfl['Ad Set Budget'], dfl['Results'])[1, 0], 2)
spent_cpa = round(corrcoef(dfl['Amount Spent (USD)'], dfl['Cost per Result'])[1, 0], 2)
spent_volume = round(corrcoef(dfl['Amount Spent (USD)'], dfl['Results'])[1, 0], 2)
print("Correlation coefficients")
print("'Ad Set Budget' vs. CPA: {}\n".format(budget_cpa))
print("'Ad Set Budget' vs. Volume: {}\n".format(budget_volume))
print("'Amount Spent' vs. CPA: {}\n".format(spent_cpa))
print("'Amount Spent' vs. Volume: {}\n".format(spent_volume))
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