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def k_factor(s: float, c: float) -> int:
K-factor calculation
:param s: number of shares sent by each user
:param c: percent conversion of each invite
k = s * c
return k
def shares_cr(s: int, c: int) -> float:
Shares Conversion Rate
:param s: total shares sent
:param c: total conversions
cr = c / s
return cr
def shares_per_user(tu: int, ts: int) -> float:
Returns shares per user
:param tu: total users
:param ts: total shares
spu = ts / tu
return spu
def is_ad_working(ts: int, tc: int, tu: int):
Based on your K-factor, it will tell you if your creative is working
:param ts: total shares sent
:param tc: total conversions
:param tu: total users
:return: mixed
cr = shares_cr(ts, tc)
spu = shares_per_user(tu, ts)
k = k_factor(spu, cr)
if k < 1:
return False, spu, k, cr
return True, spu, k, cr
if __name__ == '__main__':
# you can get this data at ad level for a given time range
users = 1250 # paid clicks
shares_sent = 2500 # how many times your content was shared
conversions = 1500 # acquired customers from shares
# K-factor calculation
is_working, spu, k, cr = is_ad_working(shares_sent, conversions, users)
# status
print("Total users (paid clicks): {}".format(users))
print("Total shares generated: {}".format(shares_sent))
print("Avg. shares per user: {}".format(spu))
print("Total referred conversions: {}".format(conversions))
print("Referred conversion rate: {}%".format(int(cr * 100)))
print("K-factor: {}".format(k))
if is_working:
print("Your ad is working! :)")
print("Your ad is not working :(")
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