Some example Maya gui's built with PySide.
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Leo's Maya Python Demos

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This is a collection of Python tool examples for Maya to share with people looking to learn Python and PySide. I'll grow this collection as I have time and inspiration.

  • qthread_demo
    • This demo shows how to use a QThread to process some operations without blocking Maya's main thread while still updating your UI.

Installation and Use

  1. Place the entire directory for the demo you want to run in your Maya scripts directory or a directory that Maya can load Python scripts from.

    ├- maya
       ├- scripts
          ├- qthread_demo
             ├- etc . . .
  2. Restart Maya.

  3. Launch any tool with the load() method from it's file:

    # Python
    import qthread_demo.interface as interface

These tools uses the shim to enable compatibility with PySide or PySide2.

I can only test on Windows 10 at the moment. I won't be able to reproduce any issues running on another platform.