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WebRadios Alfred Workflow


WebRadio Alfred Workflow is an Alfred App workflow for the Powerpack users.

This workflow permit to listen web radio on your favorite native audio application. It is tested on iTunes and VLC.


Demo Gif

What i can do with this workflow

You can :

  • listen by default 35 radios stations. (most of them are french, 'cause i'm french )
  • add custom radio with a name and m3u/mp3/aac flux with radioadd {flux} {name}
  • remove radio you don't like radiorm {name}
  • reset default stations radioreset
  • send me email at if you want to add some other radio by default. I will be happy to propose a lot of radios !


This workflow is mostly based on Python (this is my first project in this language !). To exchange esayly with Alfred, i use alp from phyllisstein, and to improve the speed I remove some useless py files.

Where to download

  • You can use git with
  • or download the workflow it directly from this link